What is Play Therapy?

What play therapy is NOT! It is not a mental health provider just playing with a child or using toys to get a child to talk. It is much more...

Play therapy is a broad range of techniques used by qualified mental health professionals to accomplish therapeutic goals. Play therapy techniques can be used with clients of all ages, but is most often used with children and adolescents. If your child's counselor/therapist is using play as a therapeutic method with your child, or states they are a play therapist, ask to see their credentials.

Play is often referred to as “the language of children,” and therefore is extremely useful in helping a child to resolve the issues which bring them in for treatment.

A video about the power of play therapy is available through the Association for Play Therapy (APT). "Play Therapy Works" and "Introducing Andrew"

Play Therapy Works

Introducing Andrew

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If you are using toys or games as therapuetic tools or calling yourself a play therapist, you are endanger of an ethical violation without the proper advanced training and credentials.