KYA4PT History

KAPT is a branch of the Association for Play Therapy (APT) that was chartered in October of 1993. The initial KAPT Board of Directors was: Terry Fontenot-President, Cheryl Atherton-President Elect, Rosella Catlett-Secretary, Joy Groves-Treasurer, and Roger Hargus-Member At Large. We appreciate our founding members of KAPT for the insight and belief in the power of play and continued support today.

We have come to rely on having an Annual Conference that builds upon our knowledge base and allows us to expand our therapeutic techniques and approaches to aid children in resolving their emotionally and behaviorally-based presenting problems. But, did you know that the First KAPT Annual Conference was held on April 22, 1994? That is just 6 months after the time that KAPT’s charter was signed in 1993. KAPT has been honored to have been able to have speakers such as: Eliana Gil, Patty Scanlon, Nancy Davis, Liana Lowenstein, Jeff Ashby, Beverly James, Janine Shelby, David Crenshaw, Daniel Sweeney, Paris Goodyear-Brown, Scott Riviere, Rick Gaskill and Sue Bratton to name a few. The Annual Conference has been held at both Law’s Lodge and our most current venue is St. Matthews Baptist Church in historic Louisville, KY. We try to offer or co-sponor training throughout the Commonwealth. Our Four Corners Regional Training has gone through several changes, and we continue to train as many mental health professionals in play therapy as possible.

Individuals, associations, organizations, and groups can take pride in the accomplishments and rewards that they receive from their peers. KAPT takes pride in offering educational opportunities and advancing the field of play therapy within the counseling profession around the stated. APT presents an annual award –the Gold Branch Award–to chartered associations that meet a standard of excellence in predetermined areas. KAPT has met these standards and has been awarded the coveted designation as a Gold Branch in the years 2001-2002, 2003-2006, 2009, 2010, 2011 and with your help this year! Gold Branch status is not the only award that KAPT has received. In the year 2000, KAPT recruited the most new professional members during the first annual 2000 Member Get-A-Member Campaign. During 2010 KAPT continued to build its membership and received 3rd Place Branch Sponsor.